Creativity has always played a big part in my life, I can not live without and feel at my best when I can make something.

And so it happened that I said goodbye to my work in 1999 and started a career as a visual artist, besides running a family with 3 small children. After attending a stained-glass workshop, I started to master this old craft and learned the tricks of the trade in the course of time from fellow glassworkers and gathered knowledge together, also in the field of fire painting. In the first period I focused on the manufacture and restoration of traditional stained glass. But after a while it started to itch, I missed the fantasy and freedom in this traditional way of working. I started experimenting with form and material. The visual aspect began to get my interest more and more.

I started drawing around 2005. Especially as a counterweight to technical glazing. With a pen I got immediate results and I could imagine more and more easily where my fantasy brought me. Soon I discovered the Rotring pen, a technical drawing pen with which you can make beautiful gray gradations. I started by drawing pictures in order to discover that I found it very boring. But it's good enough to practice technology, though. Slowly the birds arose that had always intrigued me since my childhood. And they got their own identity. They often look at the viewer in a penetrating way and make contact in their own way. Sometimes humorous, sometimes malicious, always with a personal story that you can come up with just like that.

But the glass continued to draw, although no longer in the form of stained glass, but in the form of glass fusion. Another very different technique to master.

Meanwhile I keep switching back and forth between glass and drawing (and sometimes also painting). For me, the creation of recycling art forms a bridge between the glass and the drawings.

Since 2015 I am in possession of my own studio at home. Part of my studio is decorated as a gallery, where you can view the artworks in real life if you wish. However, there are no fixed opening hours so please contactnme when you want to come along. In case you want to buy something, there is the possibility to pay by pin.


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