Photo: Auke Hamers

Small things with great love - 

Brooches from recycled embroidery, printed fabric and textile.

Welcome to this page,  I am Alexandra Drenth, born in Amsterdam, and I work and live among the beautiful greenery nature of Amsterdam Noord. People who visit here for the first time cannot believe that they are in Amsterdam.

I started in 2007 collecting embroidery for wallhangings, which were auctioned for Mama Cash at the time. Since then I've been addicted to Needle and Thread. Around 2010 I started designing big collage pieces in various textile forms. The central theme in my work is sensibility, seen from a female perspective, all of this supplemented with natural elements such as animals, plants and flowers in application work. Reuse and re-processing of textiles is the starting point of all my work.

Designing things and working with my hands is fascinating and always surprising. I think that the process, taking the time to build something up and getting really involved in the work, is great to experience.

In the course of time I have collected and reused a lot of material, small pieces are always remain, it would be a shame to do nothing with it. That's why I make brooches and I also reused the brooch holders.

In this webshop you can find handmade gems for every taste, every design is unique, they are all different.

Have fun!



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